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Fastcomm and QBIT Jointly Bring You, SimplyMustard

Fastcomm and QBIT are pleased to announce the newest development of our global strategic partnership – that brings together years of expertise from QBIT, as human capital data architects and Fastcomm, as leaders in customisable technology platforms for business across the globe. Together we bring you SimplyMustard, the next-gen solution to virtual assessment centres.

SOUTH AFRICA – 2020 – Fastcomm, an innovative technology solutions provider and QBIT, a respected niche product solution house, are pleased to announce the latest development from our strategic global partnership – a partnership that brings together years of expertise from QBIT as human capital data architects and Fastcomm as leaders in customisable technology platforms for business across the globe – to bring you SimplyMustard, the next-gen solution to virtual assessment centres.

Our strong partnerships with a network of reputable assessment suppliers of cognitive, behavioural and technical assessments make SimplyMustard a thought-leading cloud solution that provides an effortless assessment experience for finding the right people for jobs, quickly and reliably.

Recruiting the wrong people, or spending money on training that has no impact on the skills levels in your company is very wasteful.  Avoid costly mistakes by using the impartial assessment results you get from using SimplyMustard. Powered by a cutting-edge assessment model – built by our team of experts – we remove the effort of the assessment process by selecting the best possible psychometric and technical assessments for you, from our repository of industry recognised assessments.

With consistent assessment results at your fingertips, you can confidently compare candidates without bias, and make good choices. The results are presented to you in a simple, automated report that aggregates the results to show you who cuts the mustard.

About Fastcomm:

The Fastcomm group of companies has been providing innovative technology solutions to its partners, since 2002. The company draws international talent with inhouse engineering teams in the USA, Europe, and Africa, and their global presence allows them to produce solutions to multi-nationals, utilizing know-how and skills acquired worldwide. Fastcomm has engineered and built technology platforms that serve as building blocks for rapid development and deployment in the new digital age. Using these platforms, they aim to unlock a world of possibilities through digital transformation, by jointly creating a competitive advantage, with their partners and customers.

About QBIT:

QBIT is a niche product solutions house that truly understands how work performed in a company should be designed to give life to strategy. QBIT started as a boutique consulting house in 2003, having experienced that Human Capital Management and ERP implementations only demonstrate true value when the foundational data architecture is well designed, and the content has integrity. ​QBIT soon realised that architected content should be designed and maintained in smart technology solutions – solutions that reduce user effort to collect, maintain and mine data. The result is truly thought-leading cloud solutions. ​

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