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Making good decisions about who to recruit, and what type of assessment or development people need not only requires quick access to reliable data and reports – it requires expertise.

Helping you separate the very best from all the rest – with the click of a button –  is what SimplyMustard does for you.

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We’ve done the thinking.

We’ve built the platform.

You see who cuts the mustard!


What We Do

Recruiting the wrong people or spending money on training that has no impact on the skills levels in your company and is very wasteful. 

Avoid the costly mistakes by using the impartial assessment results you get from using SimplyMustard. Powered by a cutting-edge assessment model – built by our team of experts – we remove the effort of the assessment process by selecting the best psychometric and technical assessments for you.

With consistent assessment results at your fingertips,  you can confidently compare candidates without bias, and make good choices. The results are presented to you in a simple, automated report that aggregates the results to show you who cuts the mustard.

This smart, intuitively designed platform enables the entire assessment process – from booking candidates, to retrieving reports from trusted assessment partners, to producing a aggregated competency-based report, to billing.

Once you’ve booked a candidate, you don’t lift a finger for the rest of the process. 

Select the job you want to assess for, then the platform;

  1. Retrieves the selected assessments for the job
  2. Notifies the candidates that they need to do the assessments
  3. Monitors their progress
  4. Aggregates the data once the assessments are completed
  5. Generates an aggregated competency-based assessment report per candidate
  6. Stores all the data securely
  7. Allows you to build up company and industry norms*
  8. Provides reliable data for analytics

*The secure and well governed storage of assessment data, provides the opportunity to build up company and industry specific norms, allowing you to refer back to the data for meaningful analytics.

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How Our Virtual Assessment Centre Works

Our SimplyMustard Virtual Assessment Centre not only removes the administrative burden, but also enables flexible assessment selection based on robust data models, provides good governance, saves costs and makes valuable data analytics possible to inform your decisions. 

Visit our Blog to read more on how assessment centres have impacted various industries and just how important it is to have a tool to help with recruitment and talent management. 

Simply put, our Virtual Assessment Centre is a user-friendly platform with professional assessment governance, that has seamless, automated administration of the entire assessment process, allowing you to use this report, alongside your own discretion,  to make good decisions. 

Experience fast turn-around from the time of booking, to the production of reports per candidate for recruitment and developmental purposes.

You simply:

  1. Sign up
  2. Choose the job you are assessing for
  3. Book the candidate
  4. Have a cup of tea while you wait for the report
  5. Make good choices based on unbiased, comparable data
  6. Advise your business
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Mustard Simply Adds Zing to Recruitment and Assessment

The sweet and spicy:

Easy to Use

  • Uses smart assessment selection logic
  • Automates tedious administration processes
  • Produces reliable aggregated reports for comparability

Safe and Secure

  • Cloud-based platform
  • Secure payments
  • POPI and GDPR compliant


  • Pay-as-you-use
  • No unnecessary re-testing if results are still valid – we check this for you
  • No requirement for costly psychologists doing mundane work
  • Side-step the staggering costs of bad hires and promotions
  • Save your valuable time

About Us

SimplyMustard is the joint creation of QBIT, a respected product solution house, and Fastcomm, an innovative technology solutions provider.

Together we have built a Virtual Assessment Centre that brings together years of expertise from QBIT as human capital data architects, and Fastcomm as leaders in customisable technology platforms that have successfully empowered businesses globally.

Our strong partnerships with a network of reputable assessment suppliers of cognitive, behavioural and technical assessments make SimplyMustard a thought-leading cloud solution that provides an effortless assessment experience for finding the right people for jobs, quickly and reliably.

Our Partners

Bringing innovative companies together

So, Here Are Some Expert Opinions

SimplyMustard is a best-in-class Virtual Assessment Centre, but don’t take our word for it, take theirs:

Sufficient evidence exists of the value added by psychometric assessment through longitudinal research, comparing the performance of people and the organisation they belong to, utilizing such assessment and those not applying it – on average the positive ‘superiority’ of the users compared to the non-users range from 26% – 32%*. 

One cannot afford not to participate in proactively and responsibility using psychometric assessment and optimally deriving its wide variety of benefits in an ever growing and competitive global market.

Dr Louis Fick

CEO, Integ

Optimal person-job fit is essential for organisational effectiveness but more important for the psychological wellbeing of an employee and empowering people to thrive.

The more self-insight we have, the greater our personal development, emotional intelligence and overall quality of life. Psychometric tests measures an individual’s behavioural patterns, attitude, mental reasoning and personality constructs for job-fit. They also guide development and remain critical in decision-making about people.

Dr Natasha Winkler-Titus

Psychologist in Organisational Development and Chair of SIOPSA

Putting the right people in the right role is such an easy thing to say – but one of the hardest things to do. Design is the start, measuring follows – then monitoring change and growth becomes transformation.

Otto Pretorius

Otto is a thought-leader on work and people data architecture which is at the core of SimplyMustard.

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