SimplyMustard - The Perfect Blend of Flavour and Spice

SimplyMustard is a robust virtual assessment centre and provides digital simulation of a traditional assessment practice, powered by pre-selected, best-in-class cognitive, behavioural, technical, and developmental assessments and world-class technology.

We have a comprehensive range of assessments from credible and globally recognized assessments providers such as CRG, Transformate, Integrity International, IKM TeckChek and Saville Consulting.

The platform evaluates candidates’ skills and behaviours in a controlled environment. It enables you to make the best decisions about recruiting, developing and optimising your organisation’s talent.

Simply put, you’ll be able to...

agile and streamline

Be Agile & Streamlined

Screen and manage crowds of applicants with the click of a button, allowing you to focus your attention where it counts.

expert direction

Support Good Decision-Making

Supports confident decision-making by using an expert selection of best-in-class, 3rd party assessments.

holistic reporting

See Aggregated Reports

Find the best fit, the first time. Helping you separate the best from the rest with our aggregated reports.

remove huma bias

Remove Human Bias

A virtual assessment solution without bias, producing results you can trust.

Costs and time

Reduce Costs & Time Spent

The traditional assessment process is notoriously costly and administratively intensive. Save yourself valuable time and limit the staggering costs of bad hires and promotions through SimplyMustard.


Optimise Your Workforce

Flex your workforce constructively through informed, balanced responses allowing you to optimise your organisational talent.

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