there are many companies selling assessments,
but few have the heat and the flavour of SimplyMustards partnership offer

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What Do We Look For in Our Partners?

Established, experienced experts and companies
in our field

Champions of
professional account

Weekend warriors with a desire to harness their capabilities and develop their venture

High industry standards
and ability to work
with companies across
the board

Thought-leaders in
human capital

In Short, You Need to Cut the Mustard.

Increase staff performance

A Taste of How We Support Our Partners

  • Onboard you
  • Supply you with marketing and social media collateral
  • Support you with tailored campaigns to your clients
  • Keep you informed on developments in the industry
  • Offer attractive incentives for use of the platform
  • Become your thinking partners for ongoing enhancements of the product

Our Partners matter to us. Together we can be successful, together we support our clients in developing long-term relationships.

Next Steps

If Aligned We Would:

  • Formalise the relationship with the Channel Partner Agreement – which outlines the terms of the relationship, expectations, the commission and payment structure
  • Provide product training (this would be organised by your Account Manager)
  • Set you up with a Demo Account, to showcase SimplyMustard to potential clients
  • Provide access to the marketing support stable on the website

Chat to the Account Team.
Discuss the product, aspirations and how we can work together.

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