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SimplyMustard is committed to supporting businesses with their recruitment and talent management needs.

Disruption and ongoing change – topics that are at the forefront of most business conversations during the pandemic of 2020. As a forward-thinking company of industry experts, the team from SimplyMustard is committed to supporting businesses with their recruitment and talent management needs, quickly and expertly, as workforces are required to flex in the face of disruption and change.

There is no doubt that tough economic times are on the horizon for many businesses. Cash flow is tight and that the current business landscape does not allow for business-as-usual. HR Professionals understand that talent management and recruitment of the right talent is tricky when budgets are shrinking, but the demand for productivity and delivering quality work increases.  The world of work needs an innovative solution to cope with this challenge.

Globally, the employment market is shrinking (UK GDP down 30%). Where jobs are offered, huge numbers of people apply and reliable, fast assessment of whether people are fit for a job could help to sift volume applicants. Research shows that jobs in the following industries are particularly impacted:

  • IT workers
  • Healthcare workers
  • Data specialists
  • Researchers & scientists
  • Communications and tech specialists
  • Transport & logistics
  • Care Workers
  • Grocery & food retail (pickers, packers, drivers, data specialists, e-commerce)
  • Pharmacies
  • Call centres (Virgin has just posted 500 new vacancies)
  • Gaming and online entertainment

To accelerate this process, we’ve done the thinking, we’ve built the platform, we’ve engaged highly regarded assessment suppliers, and all that is required, is for you to sign-up and book your candidates. The rest is done for you and you simply get to see who cuts the mustard – cue SimplyMustard, a smart virtual assessment centre that is very easy to use.

Making good decisions about who to recruit, and what development people need, not only requires quick access to reliable data and reports – it requires expertise.

Helping you separate the very best from all the rest – with the click of a button –  is what SimplyMustard does for you.

According to industry expert Karin Williams:

An online assessment gives you the advantage of speed and accuracy when compared with a traditional assessment method. The robust online platform facilitating booking, candidate tracking, and online assessments of candidates eliminate any chances of malpractice and assessment bias, resulting in a positive candidate experience and streamlined hiring.

The SimplyMustard platform evaluates candidates’ skills and behaviours in a controlled environment. It enables you to make the best decisions about recruiting, developing and optimising your organisation’s talent. Still not convinced? Our SimplyMustard solution enables the following:

  1. Applicant tracking system (ATS)

ATS and online assessment tools are like long lost siblings coming together to make each others’ lives better. Inbuilt ATS which comes along with most online assessment platforms nowadays, is something which will make a recruiter’s life easy in terms of tracking and monitoring the endless number of applicants in a way which will help you take a breath of fresh air. 

  1. Bye-bye bad hire

It is a common knowledge among recruiters that a bad egg ruins the lot. Smart selection of assessments reduces the probability of hiring a candidate who does not match your specifications by more than 60%. Hence, no more long hours will be lost going through an endless number of candidates who might turn out to be a bad hire.

  1. Legal risks of hiring

Online assessments are objective oriented and are completely automated. Online assessment tools and tests remove the chances of the recruiter having any personal bias towards the candidate, or having to arrange for physical supervision of tests. This will ensure that you can ‘think away’ all the legal risks or a future lawsuit that might come your way from some unsatisfied candidate.

  1. Reach a wider audience

One of the biggest strain that a recruiter has to go through is reaching out to the audience and pick out the ones he likes. But, the ocean of candidates is ever-growing and every day it is a struggle for recruiters to keep a tab of these endless applicants.

In this scenario, online assessment tools help in ensuring that you reach as many candidates as you can from the comfort of your cabin. About 3.2 billion people which constitute about 51% of the world population, have internet access. So if you are looking for millennials for your organization then what is better than catching them on the go on their phones or social media!

  1. Comprehensive, comparable test analysis

What’s better than having measurable results?

The task of hiring managers requires tremendous computing power based on data science and smart algorithms, all working together in a way to quickly make sense of data to produce comparable results for them. In other words, a measurable insights that are easy to implement. In terms of accessibility options, if you implementing online assessments tools into your hiring process, then you can do everything that we have mentioned above.

  1. Instant detailed reports to find quality candidates

As a recruiter, being in this market at this point in time, you should have a clear vision of what is needed for your organization. Your Talent Management vision can be streamlined into your day-to-day action items. And one of the major requirements is a quality candidate. No matter the size of your company, a bad hire can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars. But how do you separate a good hire from a bad one? Online assessment tools and effective Talent Management resources come to the rescue here with automated and comprehensive reports of the candidates based on their performance in the test. These reports will be delivered straight to your desktop enabling a recruiter to analyse results with ease from their cabin. Also, they can increase the probability of hiring quality candidates and also to help screen and select the best-suited candidates for a specific job.

  1. Eliminating human error

To err to human, but to recruit seamlessly and effortlessly is divine.

In a delicate situation where a hiring error can cost an organisation both time and money, the solution is Simply to eliminate human error and bring in automated online pre-assessment tools. Pre-employment skill testing can help you in finding a proper job fit between the candidate and the job you are recruiting for. Online assessment and Talent Management tools can help you here by matching the right candidate to the right job, which leads to increased productivity and reduces total employee turnover. A key feature of our tool includes an automated grading process, that ensures all the test scores are objective and free of any type of human error.

Curious thing Mustard – as it turns out there is nothing bland about it. Once added, something miraculous takes hold. Something so sweet and spicy, it changes everything.

Click here to start recruiting the modern way.

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