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Keep Your Workforce Motivated While Working From Home

The current and future post-COVID work environment has changed and some may say that it could never return to what we now call “pre-COVID normal.” Most workforces are now divided between a percentage working from the traditional centralized office environment and the balance working remotely or working from home. But what can companies do to ensure that optimum performance is delivered by a partly remote workforce? 

SimplyMustard has the answer! We now have an assessment available on the SimplyMustard platform called “Motivations and Working from Home”.

This insightful assessment, once completed, produces a detailed analysis of an individual’s work-related motivations.

This will help companies determine which of their employees are best suited to work outside the traditional centralized office environment – even working from home.

What motivates employees will not change because they are working at home. However, working from home will affect how motivated they feel. By measuring and understanding their motivations, you can keep your employees engaged, satisfied, and working effectively at home.

The test results highlight 3 categories of motivations to consider when working with your employees remotely, namely:

•    Common Workplace Motivators

•    Individuals Motivators and

•    WorkPlace Demotivators

In addition, these assessments can be run for both individual and team analyses. Click here to download the sample report.

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This assessment is proudly brought to you by SimplyMustard through Transformate, IKM, and their partner, The Chemistry Group. If you’re interested in becoming a partner of the SimplyMustard platform, visit our partner’s page today.

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