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Technical Assessments: Its Technicalities and Importance in Recruitment

Using technical assessments, hosted on technology-led platforms such as SimplyMustard’s, enables recruiters to find the best candidates.

Even though there is no shortage of tech talent in the job market, finding the right fit with the right skills remains a challenge. The number of potential job seekers is vast, and the lack of data-driven assessment processes makes it difficult to identify the best among them.

In tech-specific jobs, it becomes harder and harder to judge someone’s abilities based just on their phone conversation. This is especially true as remote recruiting becomes more prevalent amid COVID-19-induced disruptions. Most recruiters lack the technical knowledge required to screen resumes or screen out ineligible applicants, so they require the assistance of the organization’s subject matter experts. In these situations, introducing technical assessments into the screening process to identify the most qualified tech candidates is the best course of action.

What are Technical Assessments?

Also known as role-based tests or domain tests, are assessments of candidates’ technical abilities including their skills and responses to specific technical challenges. These evaluations involve assessing prospective hires’ domain expertise and job knowledge to determine their suitability for a job. In the technical assessment test, the test taker is assessed against various technical skills, such as coding abilities, sales, and marketing capabilities, accounting skill sets, financial knowledge, etc.

The simplest way to determine whether someone is qualified for a task is to observe him/her perform it; therefore, technical assessments are considered ideal in evaluating candidates’ suitability. Using technical assessments, conveniently hosted on technology-led platforms such as SimplyMustard’s, enables recruiters to filter excellent candidates from incompatible ones and conduct hiring at scale without compromising the hiring quality.

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