An eAssessment Solution Businesses Can’t Ignore

Companies that do not leverage information technology, as a key part of their business strategy may ultimately cease to exist.

The proof is in the pudding. Well, in this case, it’s in the mustard to be more precise. The consideration of information technology (IT) software systems, such as an eAssessment Solution, from a return-on-investment (ROI) perspective, can be fairly dramatic in the year 2020. Profit-generating business units regard software as a critical part of their infrastructure and competitive advantage.

In fact, companies that do not leverage information technology as a key part of their business strategy to cut costs and increase productivity may ultimately cease to exist. The introduction of IT software systems, such as SimplyMustard, to facilitate ‘Process improvements’ can produce demonstrable ROI.

The key to increasing productivity is reducing the amount of time it takes a person in a company to complete a task, as compared to achieving the same results using the software system, in this case, the implementation of our SimplyMustard eAssessment Solution.

‘Process improvement’ contributes to corporate cost savings when better-articulated, well- documented, more accessible, and more standard best practices lead to a reduction in the amount of time required for a user to accomplish a goal or complete an activity.

Traditionally, assessment administration was a manual, laborious and time-consuming exercise that required having a team of professionals run a highly administratively intensive process of servicing various business units.

Some of these tasks included:

  • Booking candidate assessments
  • Managing multiple assessment suppliers directly
  • Sending assessment links to candidates manually
  • Overseeing assessments
  • Producing integrated candidate reports manually by analysing and combining results from individual supplier reports
  • Manual invoicing process
  • Manual management of assessment protocols and data compliance

This resulted in no proper standard processes or standard service delivery model to the business, slow turn-around time to service the business and ultimately assessments became the bottleneck for other HR processes and an expensive exercise.

In this case, by replacing the manual assessment administration process with the use of SimplyMustard’s eAssessment Solution, the ‘cost per candidate’ for assessment administration and report writing decreased by 62%. When assessing thousands of candidates per year, the financial implication of staying with the ‘old way of doing things’ can become a crippling business expense.

In tandem, our experts analysed the clients use of assessment instruments and consulted with the client to standardise instruments per level of accountability and job families, which was then linked to a standard client competence model.

The redesign of the assessment model resulted in a cost-saving of 39% on assessment instruments.

Our virtual assessment centre not only saves on instrument costs but also:

  • Enables flexible instrument selection
  • Provides solid data models
  • Provides good governance
  • Makes valuable data analytics possible

Some other business benefits include:

  • Increased product quality due to the use of standard assessment model application across a business
  • More effective governance, portfolio management, time tracking, cost management, and resource
  • allocation
  • More upfront involvement of key stakeholders who can provide earlier feedback
  • Improved scheduling and forecasting as part of capacity and demand management
  • Improved service support and service delivery to end-users
  • Better vendor management
  • Faster onboarding of new personnel
  • Fewer process disputes between COE as a service provider, business and third-party vendors
  • Fewer misunderstandings between different teams, sites, cultures, and languages
  • Reduced need for methodology and skills training for in-house staff

Powered by a cutting-edge eAssessment Solution model – built by our team of experts – we remove the effort of the assessment process by selecting the best psychometric and technical assessments for you.

This smart, intuitively designed platform enables the entire assessment process – from booking candidates to retrieving reports from trusted assessment partners, to producing an aggregated competency-based report, to billing.

Ready to save on costs and ‘cut the mustard’ in just a few clicks? Start setting up your virtual assessment centre now.

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