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Why SimplyMustard?

Simplify your recruitment and assessment process with SimplyMustard, a Smart Virtual Assessment Centre that is very easy to use.

As businesses change and grow, so do the challenges around managing people. Making good decisions about who to recruit and what development people need, not only requires quick access to reliable data and reports – it requires expertise.

Hiring managers require expert knowledge and professional advice when selecting the best instruments to assess for a specific position, and they require a next-gen tech solution based on solid data science, all working together in a way that quickly makes sense of data to produce comparable results for them.

Traditionally, the recruitment and selection process is a tedious, but critical one. Hiring the wrong people is not only expensive, but erodes the talent in your business. It requires you to co-ordinate numerous activities and consolidate and analyse volumes of data in a manner that allows for fair comparison between applicants.

Stop frantically sifting through piles of mismatched information and data and simplify your recruitment process with SimplyMustard, our Smart Virtual Assessment Centre that is very easy to use.

SimplyMustard puts expert assessment tools into hiring managers’ hands. Measure a candidate’s abilities for a new job, an internal move or for managing talent within your organisation with ease. Remove guesswork and bias and replace them with expertise, experience and confidence in finding the right person for the position first time and enjoy administration cost savings greater than 60%.

Powered by a cutting-edge assessment model – built by our team of experts – our platform removes the effort of the assessment process by selecting psychometric and technical assessments for you from our repository of industry recognised assessments, all hand selected from respected providers.

And through harnessing our technological capabilities, SimplyMustard, will aggregate the data for you, and the results are presented to you in a simple, automated report.

With consistently comparable assessment results at your fingertips, you can confidently compare candidates without bias, and make good choices.

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