Recruit, Retain, Inspire and Engage Top Talent with SimplyMustard

Our Assesment platfrom ensures you can scale up as your company grows, just ask HR Helen.

Meet HR Helen, the company where she is employed is rapidly taking off, and so too is their need for finding and keeping top talent. To stay ahead of the curve, Helen wants to recruit, retain, inspire and engage top talent, as easily as possible.

To recruit top talent is not always as easy as it seems, it can become costly, risky, and tedious, and the result is compromised processes, slow turn-around times, and often bad hires. Ultimately, assessments became the bottleneck for other HR processes – sometimes resulting in impatient stakeholders by-passing assessments and making the wrong appointments.

Only by streamlining her recruitment process, decreasing her unnecessary admin, will  she be able to focus her attention on what’s truly important.

Luckily for Helen, she was introduced to SimplyMustard. Our virtual assessment centre solution tailored to businesses of all sizes and industries, from customer experience, to healthcare and IT workers.

Powered by a cutting-edge assessment model – built by our team of expertsour platform removes the effort of the assessment process by selecting psychometric and technical assessments for you from our repository of industry recognised assessments, all hand selected from respected providers.

All Helen needs to do is, sign up, choose the job she is assessing for, book her candidates. Then, through harnessing our technological capabilities, SimplyMustard, aggregates the data for her, and the results are presented to Helen in a simple, automated report.

SimplyMustard evaluates candidates’ skills and behaviours in a controlled environment, and with consistent assessment results at her fingertips, Helen can confidently compare candidates without bias, and make good choices.

Helen now has access to a personalised, user-friendly assessment centre solution, with assessment instruments on-demand, dedicated support and aggregated, comprehensive reporting that can be used to create benchmarks as she ups her recruitment efforts. Giving her full control of her budget and hiring process.

As our platform caters to businesses of all sizes, Helen knows her SimplyMustard assessment centre will scale with her as the organisation grows. Helen can rest easy, trusting that her assessments are managed timeously and conveniently every time, allowing her to apply her time where the business needs it the most.

Get started with your free access to SimplyMustard and only pay-as-you-use.

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